Natural Solutions for Sore Muscle and Joint Pain



“Herbs for Sore Muscles and Joints”


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There are natural solutions for sore muscles these herbs have both Nervine and Anti-Inflammatory properties, Thus reducing inflammation and joint pain specifically for strained muscles deteriated joints.

Deteriorated Joints are also helped with nervine herbs thus providing a “calming effect and when swollen or frayed nerve endings happen due to stress from excessive pain. Nervines targeting the Centeral Nervous system provides a suppression to the excitation caused by the excessive pain(s) . now pain begins to dissipate due to the repair of fried nerve endings by a herb e.g. “Lemon Balm Tea” .
Anti-inflammatory herbs produce enzymes that promote everything needed for the swelling to recede slowly and safely ,thus producing a lasting effect.

Nutritional Supplementation is also vital to promote healthy nerves and Central nervous system This in addition to Nevines and Anti=inflammatory herbs will not only develop but maintain the necessary strength for the immune system and healthy nerves and muscles and tendons thus making it more difficult to damage individually or collectively thus not only maintaining a healthy macular but skeletal system(s).

A few Good Herbs

Lemon Balm: a Potent Nervine that Both Calms the Central Nervous system slowly and safely but also repairs frayed nerves due to stress
Valerian: A Nervine that Targets the Central Nervous System “Particularly the GABA chemical neurotransmitter and relaxes the nervous and Muscular systems.
Chamomile: A mild nervine with some anti-inflammatory properties “Is naturally decaffeinated
Lobelia: Contains  isolobelanine, This relaxes the respiratory and neuro-muscular system and acts as a nervine and antispasmodic. It is a most useful systemic relaxant and a holistic combination of stimulation and relaxation.
Passion flower:  a Powerful Nervine
Lavender:  another good nervine
White Willow: powerful anti-inflamatory

Wild Cherry Bark: Wild cherry bark include the treatment of inflammatory conditions, Wild cherry bark is also used as a mild sedative, to reduce muscle spasms and to cleanse the blood
Cayenne: Antisposmatic, and helps promote the increase of blood flow for better circulation to entire muscular system.
Ginger Root: A Powerful anti-inflamatory herb and also increases blood flow in a mild fashion.


These herbs can be taken as a tea or tincture form for maximum absorption
Tea 2 teaspoons of herb and steeped in 10 oz. boiling water for 5 minutes.
for tinctures use according to label on bottle for Valerian use an alcohol based tincture Alcohol is needed during the infusion process to acquire ALL the necessary enzymes from Valerian.

A healing liniment for sore joint and muscle pain: 

This powerful Formula is from Jethro Kloss  check out his book Book ” Back to Eden” I highly recommend this book and I have a copy as well.

You will need:

1 ounce Echinacea powder

1 ounce organically grown goldenseal powder.  If you can t find that, substitute with  chaparral or Oregon grape root.

1 ounce myrrh powder

¼ ounce cayenne powder

1 pint rubbing alcohol



  1. Start by weighing out the powders and putting them in a pint jar.
  2. Pour the rubbing alcohol over the powders, leaving a good 2 inch margin above the herbs. Stir and put a lid on the jar.  Place the mixture in a warm location and let it sit for 4 weeks.
  3. Strain and rebottle.
  4. Label the bottle clearly FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY (rubbing alcohol should not be taken internally).


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