Off-Grid / Alternative Energy


Welcome to Herbal Survivals Off Grid / Alternative Energy Learning. Here you can learn about the different types of Off-Grid solution’s and how they work as well as integrating multiple types of alternative energies into your off grid plan. Also we have gone a step ahead and realizing these components can be costly initially but have put together a realistic solution on how to get your batteries for your bank for free Yes, I said free, and maintaining them as well as bringing them all back to a “NEW” status not just initially but regularly. Batteries are a major cost in any alternative energy system build.

In this section you will find learning setup,integration and maintenance of the following Systems:

Alternate Power and Off Grid Solutions for Everyone

Getting Started and going Off-Grid:

Solar Power

Wind Power

Hydro Power. coming soon

Bring any battery back to new condition and get your batteries Free.

The Best 3 Batteries for an alternative Energy / Off Grid System

Free 2018 Alternative Energy/Off-Grid Resource Guide