The power of Herbs for Preppers Series” Chickenpox”


Chicken pox Is a viral infection otherwise known as an Eruptive disease. This virus Effects many of the main systems and personal hygiene, nutrition and hydration are vital in its healing.
This virus also has a relation to the Shingles virus and is highly contagious.

Herbal Remedies:

Thyme: used for its anti bacterial anti viral properties. Cooled Thyme tea used as a wash  also for its antiseptic properties
Yarrow Root: used as a diaphoretic to induce sweating to release toxins from the body from the viral infection
Cayenne: used as a diaphoretic to induce sweating to release toxins from the body from the viral infection and to begin healing process.
Dandelion: to detox the organs and blood from impurities and toxins released from the virus.
Burdock: used as a powerful blood purifier from toxins released from the viral infection, particularly within the liver.
Bee pollen: for its powerful support of the immune system through a full spectrum of B complex vitamins and minerals also for its nutritional support for all the main systems effected and recoveries.
Slippery Elm Bark: for its powerful nutritional support
Echinacea: for its antibacterial properties and to strengthen the immune system
Pleurisy Root: used for its powerful healing of both bacterial and viral infection properties over usage can cause upset stomach.
Witch Hazel: for its  cooling and astrigent properties
Goldenseal: for its powerful antiseptic properties
There are a few things needed to be do to be feat this virus and they are:
1. Cleansing the System(s): We need a diaphoretic this is a her that induces sweating by exciting the pores system , this allowing the toxins to exit through the pores. a hot shower is immediately needed after this to wash the toxins and the a cold shower to seal the pores from reentering back into the body through open pores. a few good examples are Cayenne, Yarrow Root
Detoxifying the blood stream: 
Make a Dandelion, Burdock or Yarrow  tea from a tincture or fresh or dried plant . (se recipe and dosing below)
2. Strengthening the immune system:
This is Vital raw Domestic Bee pollen you will be able to tell its raw and domestic because it is not all in granular form(freeze dried.) it is a powdered type of granule and needs to be refrigerated.
take 1/4 teaspoon of raw bee pollen in a 6 ounce glass of warm distilled water daily.
or take 1 cup of echinacea goldenseal tea daily if bee pollen is not available do not give bee pollen to children or infants or if you are allergic to bee products.
3. Nutritional Support:
Slippery elm bark powder 2 tablespoons in a 12 ounce glass of warm distilled water 3 times daily. and a regular herbal “EXTERNAL” wash/detox

Herbal Recipes &  Dosing:

Herbal Aid recipe Recipe “General Healing”
1 ounce of skullcap
1/2 ounce of pleurisy root
Infuse for 20 minutes in a quart of boiling water strain and add vegetable glycerine to sweeten to taste. and take WARM. take 2 ounces 3 times a day



“Making a tea from a dried or fresh plant”
Dried Herb:Take 2 teaspoons of dried herb  to a tea ball or spice bag and add 8 ounces of boiling water let steep for 30 minutes min.
making a tea from a fresh herb plant
Fresh Herb:Take 4 teaspoons (about) of fresh herb and add it to a tea ball infuser or spice bag add 8 ounces boiling water let steep for 45 minutes min.


These teas below are VERY bitter in nature do not add sugar or honey.
Yarrow Root Tea: Take 10 drops of burdock tincture into 8 ounces of boiling  distilled water mix well drink HOT as possible  
Dandelion Tea take a draw of your tincture(herbal Kit Owners and add to 8 ounces of boiling  distilled water  mix well drink warm. take 2 times daily (Adults)
Burdock Root Tea: Take 10 drops of burdock tincture into 8 ounces of boiling  distilled water mix well drink warm


Herbal Detox Wash Recipe 
1/2 ounce goldenseal root
1 ounce sage
2 ounces of apple cider vinegar
10 ounces of distilled water


Herbal Wash for itchy skin


1 ounce tincture of lobelia
7 ounces of Witchhazel
10 ounces of water

Bring to a boil then drink heat down to a low simmer for 30 minutes. let cool add to bathwater and wash effected areas. do not let come near or in ears, eyes, nose.

Getting  to the root cause:

Getting to the root of the Cause:

1: Its a Viral infection

2: it effects the Immune System

3: It effects the Circulatory System

4: Its Eternal Effects:

infections have indicators to tell the person there is something wrong going on.

Chickenpox is a viral infection which effects the immune system and loads up the blood sream with toxin(s) from the virus and produces an eternal efects of a rash   with an itching effect(showng further that bacterias are being excreted through the pores system. 

its time to counter these and provide a possitive result(s) 

Viral infection and bacterial(s) - echinacea ROOT(bacterial part) cats claw(viral part) burdock root(purifies the blood) Apple cider vinegar  (External rash  inflamation and itch)