Prepare with  The Tools of Bartering

We will be adding to this Page regularly and want to hear from all of you your ideas Comments and Suggestions. All to bring this country back on track but on a Rock Solid Foundation of Realistic and STRONG Family and Religious values as a Foundation for stability.
Bartering during or after an economic collapse can be essential for the health and welfare mentally and physically. This type of system will bring peace of mind and simplicity and moral values into society.
Look at this video to help you get a more understanding of the vitality and the realistic potential of a barter system.

Local systems can broaden a comunity network and network with other groups towns or bartering system.

The secret to a SOLID product(s) is to be TOTALY independent of all raw goods.  this also can be done as a group as a barter service by one member growing food or herbs is a good example.
We must all change our attitudes and accept and care for the elderly and disable they can help with their love ideas and knowledge. “THIS WILL BE THE TRUEST SINCEREST SUCCESS FOR ANY SOCIETY TO REBOUND AND PROSPER WITH A TRUE AND LOVING FOUNDATION!!!

This is how we will beat the evils and corruptions of our government starting locally. but ethically.
Violence must no longer reside in the equation of true life sustenance. This I know for reasons I cannot disclose at this time but this ENTIRE Blog and my books are TRUTH LOVE with an objective to help everyone in the most realistic fashion.

It is vital that you have other items in your preppers cache. I myself as a herbalist have chosen herbal medicine and candle making for beeswax candles bring more value to everyone. First, they burn cleaner(smokeless) and longer this makes them great for a survival pack or a homemade beeswax cable lantern made out of a mason jar are awesome light, heat, and minor cooking sources. I have made dual wick beeswax mini survival stoves out of a larger lossenger tin. So choose something TODAY and work with it Perfect it and create new thing with those ideas. The other beauty of a barter system is that your idea does not need to get patented. because it is a tool of the trade. and this tool lets us help one another once again with strong moral values and the qulity of the product will be suppierior . Yes they will be made individually not mass produced. Now Simplicity gets introduced back into society and those that are greedy will weed themselves out and they will not last long at all remember there is no bank or cash involved.
Some ideas one can learn

Herbal Medicine:
Generational Secrets

Recipe books:
Easy Meals for young old and disable
other creative crafts ( this my mother does and does it well while having a lot of fun.
Rosary Bead making
Religious Crafts
Food Preserves
Dried food
Baked goods
Dairy Goods