Prepping for Infants and Babies

Prepping for Babies,Infants, 

Prepping for smaller children is a bit note tedious, It requires much more information and knowledge. If you have an infant , newborn, or young child or even a child or member with disabilities. The best way is to start with a simple notebook. Begin with any food medicine or any other allergies “BE VERY CERTAIN AND DETAILED TO THIS SPECIFICALLY.  (Then what are there nutritional needs). 2. Specialty Apparatus’ (are they portable or what will it take to make them portable) 3. Personal Hygene ( Care and cleanliness techniques in the event of product shortages) 4. Medicine ( are there any specialty medications your child is taking and what are their alternatives INCLUDING HERBAL MEDICINES) 5. Foods ( are there any special dietary needs for your child and what can you supplement as an alternative, ( incase of a food shortage) Misc. Notes: Anything else that need to be addressed for your childs overall welfare

IMUNE SYSTEM: A vital component of a newborn infant or younger child is a healthy “IMUNE SYSTEM”. although from the start a younger child’s immune system is much stronger than an older person. but it is crucial to maintain this healthy immune system. The reason for its vitality is to maintain a healthy respiratory system. Particularly within  newborns and infants. And yes, there are herbs for this e.g. Slippery elm bark powder is so safe that it can be given to an infant as a nutritional supplement , particularly mothers who are breastfeeding and if they become ill or are on medications for any reason., This can contaminate the mothers milk thus entering the infant or newborn and weakening the child’s immune system. or uneven in the event were there is a food shortage and the mother cannot produce milk or nutritional valued milk Slippery Elm will solve that problem.

Personal Hygiene: 
Another aspect to a healthy immune system is personal hygiene; this can consist of a homemade caledula oil or a goats milk bar soap to wash with. it is very gentle and safe.

Healthy Juices / Drinks: Fresh juiced juices either with a hand press or electric juicer can be used. Apple juices are especially good for a child immune system and a freshly juiced apple has anti viral properties. if a child becomes sick drinking a good supply of distilled water will flush the minerals and inorganic salts that cause sickness out of the body, when juice and other liquids are not as efficient.  Also any unsweetend organic (when possible) simply because is a good food source for organic minerals and salts from the dart that can assimilate to build the body. however whole foods are required for ruff age and bulk.

Other elements to consider to prep for babies are specialty apparatus’ and their portability e.g. wheel chairs , strollers, car seats, portable blow up cribs bumpers and wash cloths and cloth diapers. these can be reused and can be purchased at hardware stores but make sure their 100 percent cotton not the cheap china imports that have chemically spun nylon and are irritants to infants and children with sensitive skin. warm jumpsuits and fleece blankets and soft cotton bedsheets to retain body heat of child.

Foods: Baby foods when not available or you run our Slippery Elm bark gruel is a good source of overall nutrition. But one can take rehydrated freeze-dried  fruits, vegetables, meats, grind them up and then pass them threw a strainer like a sieve and this will provide the necessary roughage for your child.  using a strainer and a tablespoon worked for my mother and my grandmothers very well.  you can also use non sprayed home grown foods and vegetables.

Cold Sores: on babies not infants one can use a soaked q tip or cotton ball in a glycerin based echinacea not root or seeds  or a cooled echinacea tea and wash the cold sore area with the soaked cotton ball this is also good for tooth aches and sore gums from teething.

IMPORTANT Note: Bee products must not be given to children under the age of 2 years or less . 

Honey can contain spores of a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum, which can germinate in a baby’s immature digestive system and cause infant botulism, a rare but potentially fatal illness.
These spores are usually harmless to adults and children over 1 year old, because the microorganisms normally found in the intestine keep the bacteria from growing. also the natural sugars in honey can effect the new emerging teeth in a child.
Slippery Elm Bark Gruel Recipe:
This Recipe is thick and slimy but very nutritional and safe as well as good tasting.
10 ounces of filtered water
4 tablespoons of slippery elm bark powder
Mix well if using as a solid baby food add more or less water to get the correct consistency for your childs’ needs. 
If using to replace Motherers Breast milk double the water and let sit overnight in a cool dark spot. strain and press wet slippery elm bark powder in a cheesecloth back into the water and use as needed.

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