Primitive Survival Medicine Part 2 “WEEDS”

Primitive Survival Medicine Part 2 “WEEDS”

Weeds are powerful medicine. There are weeds that will kill a virus on contact, Weeds to detox and or purify the blood, to provide a true balance of vitamins and minerals, and there are weeds that will provide you with a safe and natural form of energy. there are also powerful weeds that will help calm the central nervous system. while others can be used to stop bleeding 

All this in addition to helping much more such as the common cold nutritional support, and even used for wound management

Dandelion: loaded with vitamins and minerals A, K, Magnesium, Manganese,and more also will purify the lower abdominal organs and blood from toxins and neurotoxins.
Plantain: a powerful herb that will stop bleeding ( tear leaves to get juices going place on wound with pressure and bleeding will begin to coagulate
Thistle: a powerful weed that will purify and heal the liver
Burdock: A powerful blood purifier and can be eaten or made as a greens stew for nutrition.
Mullein: This herb will kill any virus on contact
Skunk Cabbage: used as an antispasmodic
Lawn Daisies: to help aid in clearing up Bronchitis
Wild Fern: used as a natural mosquito repellent
Wild Mint: used as a natural mosquito and insect repellent
Chicory: used as a lung detoxifier from pollution
Cattail: the base of the root usually while can be eaten as a natural form of energy
Ground Ivy: to help clear up severe respiratory problems (just a little bit and not for long term use)
Red Clover: is high in protein, whooping cough, cough, hot flashes asthma, bronchitis, high cholesterol
White Clover: loaded with vitamins and minerals Vitamins A,B, C, E, Calcium, Magnesium, chromium and potassium and is good for immune system support due to its combination of vitamins and minerals. and is high in protein.
Nettles: A powerful herb for overall nutritional support and natural energy.

Making a Energy Tonic/Tea

Take 2 tablespoons of nettles, 1 teaspoon of dandelion and 1/4 handful of clover flowers. Bring 12 oz. of water to a hard boil ad all herbs and bring to a low simmer until it has boiled down to half stain in a cheesecloth or cotton bandana and drink hot or cool throughout the day.

Secondly, the Base of the cattail usually white indicating a natural form of starches can be eaten raw as a form of safe natural energy.


Using Wild Fern and Mint will keep bugs away simply snap a sprig or two if on a trail place shaped spit onto of each ear like a pencil or weave it in your debre hut or lean to you can also put it in your camp fire and the smoke from the oils will drive the gnats, mosquitos and spiders away.