Natural Solutions for Pain Managment digital download



About Natural Solutions “Pain Management”

This multi series digital Reference Guide will give you quick and direct references for natural solutions for aliments. In Part 1 we Go over Pain management. Natural Solutions Every reference sheet will come with common recipes such as Teas and Concoctions. Others will also include Salves. Essential oil combinations and blends and more. There will also be a digital reference recipe and formulas sheet available . All these digital reference sheets are printable for your own use and not for commercial use. So collect them All and print them out place them in a binder in your customized fashion . This will be growing daily with many specific herb, nutritional, essential oil and disease listings. Use it on your smartphone or tablet as well for a quick visual reference. also with an internet connection you can watch instructional videos on How To’s for the recipes and more.  A few topics of this digital download contain:

  • Essential oils
  • Natural solutions for Arthritis
  • Natural Solutions for Back Pain
  • The Herb List.
  • Recipes


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