Putting together an I.N.C.H. Bag &Training

Building your I.N.C.H. bag

Remember that if you are building this type of bags you are not just bugging out but Intending Never to Come Home.

later on we will also go over both the Bug-out Bag and Good(get out of dodge) bags and building them all with a herbal survival kit.

Main List: Now we must think Food,Water, Medicine, personal hygiene, Medicine, Shelter Fire Warmth. 


So Why?…..

First read about the herbal survivalist that will explain what I am about to say.

1. Food, Water, 2. Medicine, 
3. “Personal Hygiene Products”

Look at this list backwards if there is a lack of personal hygiene products what will happen? lack of personal hygiene = “Bacteria(s) 2. Bacteria(s) = illness’ which need medicine to heal or repair or eliminate. 3. Illness’ need medicine but also nutritional supplementation(s).  In order to provide true nutrition to ALL our main systems we need Good Food and a Pure Water Soure to maintain overall hydration health for this to gets applied to all our main systemsRemoving one element from the necessary elements to survive will effect all the main systems of the human body; Respiratory, Circulatory, Central Nervous System as del as the skeletal and muscular systems.

Secondly, they must work together and not try to delegate all survival tasks and resources to themselves but with realistic and reliable individuals also remember we should also take glare of the disabled and the elderly regardlessly. and above all we MUST put GOD FIRST and include him in all we do plan and learn. Go to the post Hope Herbs and the graces of God and after you read it watch the short training video at the end and you will be amazed what you just learned and pass it around.

04.10.14 Update!

Check out this awesome article Bugging Out on foot with a family

Always remember Keep yourself occupied and always learn from what you do and try new ways and experiment and all will be easier and you will get accustomed to you new lifestyle easier

A good reliable realistic Ax for chopping and splitting wood and for use to build a Permanent shelter. Long steel handled like an east wing for example.

Good books for mental exercise. e.g. herbal medicine, Outdoor survival,Bushcraft, knots, hunting and trapping. Don’t bring a library just a few good field guides compact versions to keep you occupied and build your knowledge base on the above.


I.N.C.H. natural concepts: Click here for training videos on solar solutions for heating and cooking. 


Main Listed Items.
 A swiss army knife and a good case victronox has a new case with a built in survival kit for the Champ knife. this is a good secondary setup you may want to carry with you always with a good compact led light This kit comes with a small mag but I upgraded my kit to a more powerful led light that is actually smaller in size.
 a woodsman Pal. This is a great tool to have in every Inch Bag it is a Great clear in tool and can chop as well.
 Good Sharpening Stones Corse and fine

Metal file to sharpen Axe.
Tarps to be used as a temporary shelter until you get you more permanent residence established and built and or groundcloth for sleeping bag.
 Rope and ParaCord: for rigging and creating temporary shelter and building a cot .
 Water purification tablets: 
 Mres and Mre heaters 3-5 day supply or enough for you to build your new permanent shelf then go hunting. don’t forget there may be days harder than other to find game. due to weather people population in area. or other reasons. so change the mre numbers accordingly based on your confidence and skill level to survive. usually a person with Good survival skills will take a 72 hr supply of food as a back up but will get to hunting and or fishing or trapping the first day.
a good survival knife: one that is heavy and has a good scabbard and a full tang. one that you can hammer the heck out of and it still keeps on working. also that can cut fencing that is what the angled slots on the top of the forward blade is for.
 Fire Starter 
Clorox Straws: pre measured for alternate water purification 

Portable solar panel to charge batteries.
 Portable AM FM SW radio grinding makes a decent one as well as CC radio.
 Picture hanging wire. for snare traps
 First Aid Kit /Herbal Survival Kit for alternate medicinal uses and nutrition
 Mosquito repellent. and or netting
 Muti tool Stainless so it won’t rust
 Warm Sleeping bag with fleece liner for all seasons and one that will rapell water.
 Portable Cot 


Rugger 10-22, portable crossbow, sling shot all with extra ammo for small game.
Secondly, a Remington 870 Express an excellent Small, and big game riffle comes with both slug and shot barrel also bring chocks for larger bird hunting e.g. turkey and quail and pheasant.20 gauge is a good choice and ether barrel setup can be used for person perfection if needed both short and longer ranger. also the slug barrel is good for big came and protecting you from bears and other predators.

Hand crank light and radio combo

Compass and directions.
Good lightweight insulated waterproof boots spend the extra bucks here you won’t regret it.
 Portable solar power pack

Power inverter to convert your vehicle power to 110 if necessary
Matches and fire starters in waterproof containers.
Magnesium block for fire starting 

Binocular and even a range finder to help out during your hunt.
OPTION but consider:
Night vision in case you have to recon the best time is at night a good monocular is the bushnell 6×50 Corks to burn in case you need to black yourself out especially during your recon. and or need to get close to a control point were the Guard or Amy is stationed.
 Camo Makeup learn this trade NOW you will need to become invisible more times than you think and practice it during all seasons bring a friend to help you.
Folding Shovel Pick 
pocket Folding Saw
Bow Saw and cable saw
Large and Hand Ax. for chopping firewood and making both a short and long term shelter.
Several 1 gallon zip lock bags for water collection
Aluminum foil for light and heat selection and to build a solar oven

Parabolic Mirror this can also be used to create a concentration of the sun to a point you can fry something in a black pan or boils water with only the sun.
Sewing kit

Sinew this is a very strong thread like string that can be used to make cloth and moccasins if needed out of buckskin

Speedy All tool for sewing leather by hand
Can opener

Here is another few examples of putting both a bugout bag (72hr.) and a I.N.C.H.(long term) this will give you ideas to customize your own.