Rose Hips and Vitamin C

Herbal medicine: Health and Fitness
Do you know that most of the drugs which are popularly prescribed by the physicians worldwide are derived from plants? But due to growing concerns about over medicating, encountering resistant bacteria in the microbiome and treating the disease superficially rather than determining the origin, people are turning their attention towards herbalism.
Researchers are investing millions of dollars and working ahead for discovering alternative and more natural drugs and treatments. With growing research in the field of herbal medicine, plant-derived and natural organic substances are being employed to treat any kind of illness. The ultimate aim of herbalism is to emphasize more on overall health rather than on a particular disease.
There are endless benefits which are conferred by herbal medicines to one and all. First of all, it is much easier to obtain than the conventional drugs. Also, it is more affordable than the prescribed drugs. Now, it is no secret that herbal medicine vitamin C with rose hips can treat a lot of acute and chronic conditions and major health ailments.
Rose hips, vitamin C, raw garlic, ginger, turmeric, ginseng, aloe vera, feverfew, milk thistle and St. John’s Wort are some of the natural and plant-derived sources which are becoming increasingly popular in the herbal medicine.
A number of cardiovascular disease, prostate problems, inflammation, depression, weakened immune system, sexual dysfunction, allergies, blood pressure, fungal or viral infections, diabetes, respiratory diseases, hair loss, fevers, headaches, stomach aches, toothaches, insect bites, infertility and even insect bites can all be treated efficiently with herbal medicine.
Herbalism basically encompasses botanical medicine, medicinal herbalism, herbal medicine, herbology and phytotherapy. All these include studies of extract from plant-derived sources. The herbal products are rich in Echinacea, elderberry, colloidal silver, ginger, ginseng, probiotics, astragalus root, vitamin D, myrrh and oregano which are natural immune system boosters. Moreover, vitamin C with rose hips is a potent antioxidant which fails no chance to support and boost the immune system. Vitamin C supplemented with rose hip helps to neutralize the free radicals generated in the body. Also, you can supplement your diet with vitamin C with rose hips for availing the following benefits:
Helps support the immune system†
Supports collagen synthesis†
Aids with the absorption of iron
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