Sleeping with an Onion?

Or Sleep from an Onion shall I say!!!

So you've been trying to get a good night sleep but just cannot. Your all congested with hay fever allergies etc. and you are beat. But the question is will you do anything to get a good night rest. Yes, Then Get an onion cut it in half, place it on a dish and right next to were you will sleep. The onion odor will open your nasal passages while slightly cleansing them and purifying the air of unwanted bacterias and allergens. You will be amazed how well you will sleep with this solution. You will breath easier , Thus getting more oxygen throughout your bodies main systems, Respiratory, Circulatory, and Central Nervous System giving you a must restful sleep and when you awaken you will feel like you have never felt before after a good rested sleep like this.

God Bless,