Sun Brewed Natural Chamomile Mint Iced Tea

“Sun Brewed Natural Chamomile Mint Iced Tea”

“A naturally decaffeinated Sun brewed iced Tea”

Chamomile is a nervine that targets the central nervous system , particularly the GABA neurotransmitter(s) and seamlessly creates a calming effect which relaxes any neuro excitement .

You will need:
4 tea bags of camomile tea or 3 sacklets of dried chamomile flowers.
2 qts. filtered water in a glass jar
2 sprigs of fresh Mint (of your choice) 
Place tea bags or sack lets in the sun for a few hrs. and snap 2 sprigs of fresh mint and place them in there as well.
Chamomile flowers are naturally decaffeinated and are a Powerful calmative and great for stress or insomnia as well.
God Bless,