Survival Bar Recipe for Preppers

“The Survival / Nutritional Bar”

Wed. 05.08.2013 The Details Now up at This Post 

Tuesday 05.07.2013

Hello everyone a few weeks ago I promised a Nutritional bar Recipe I
was working on and Today I completed my testing with great success. I am
putting the recipe ingredients up quickly and I will finish the post
with details and instructions Tonight or tomorrow and Post its details
ASAP. This bar you can live off of it things got rough or even during a
long campout or survival situation they can be made VERY inexpensively
and in bulk to add to your food Cache.

This is a BASE
RECIPE why I am calling it a BASE  is because it is the origination of
many more recipes I am working on from a Nutritional and Survival
Standpoint. This recipe is my own formulation from scratch there is nothing out there like it.

A Special Thank You for all supporting me with a book purchase or donations and even your kind words. As a result the book in available in germany which we are know starting to get trafic from as well as WORLDWide.

Thank You all verry very much from the bottom of my heart and the rest of it as well
God Bless,

P.S. “This is only the Beginning”

 One More thing visit my friends at Survival Sherpa These people are amazing and they are a network of individuals with STRONG FAMILY and RELIGOUS VALUES helping others in many ways also Survival Sherpa himself is an amazing writer (much better than Me but we share our values to help others unconditionally with various specialties in Survival Strategies and Much More. Visit him at

A few ingredients are

Almond butter
Coconut Butter
Slippery Elm Bark
Wheat Grass
Barley Grass
Various spouts
Dandelion Leaves, Roots and Flowers ( Detoxification for blood  and organs)

I am also working on a Healing Survival bar that will heal due to to a lack of nutrtion or ulceration      ( but not limited to) as well as provide Nutritional Suplementation for Survival.