The Benefits of Ginger and Honey

The Benefits of Ginger and Raw Honey:

Fresh Ginger and Honey can be used to aid many ailments such as:
Respiratory Problems: known for its expectorant properties.
Asthma:  it is said that Ginger Honey mixed with a little black pepper will help reduce the effects of asthma. Nausea and Digestive due to its calmative properties.
Survival Properties:  Fresh Ginger & honey is high in antioxidants properties and thereby will increase the immunity of the body. it also a Calmative and has some anti-inflammatory properties.
Please note if you have or had gallstones do not use ginger because regular usage of ginger is said to cause gallstones.
Ginger Tea Recipe:
Peel and slice (2) 1 inch pieces of peeled ginger Root place in already boiling water for 3-5 minutes. let simmer and reduce for another 2-3 minutes let cool add honey and or honey & lemon to taste if using for medicinal purposes do not add sweetener. Any sweetener added to a processed herb will effect and potentially defeat the medicinal properties of that herb.
Honey & Ginger Tonic:
Follow Ginger Tea Recipe without honey or lemon and then let Cool place in Glass only jar for up to 1 week  Keep in dark cool place take 1 teaspoon full for digestive problems as needed. add pepper to tonic as it is used do not store with pepper mixed in. Also add honey and or honey and or lemon separate of the herb go with a 1 to 1 ratio 1 tspn of ginger tonic to 1 tspn of honey and or honey and lemon.
When working with Ginger & Honey Always Practice with Sanitary practices us glass or stainless steel pots and jars. “DO NOT USE any form of Casting or aluminum or plastics they will become contaminated because these are a few surfaces that are Pores.