The Plan the Beginning


“Getting Started with The Plan…”

1.Decide who this kit will be for individual or multiple(how many).
2.What your goals will be for this kit, example nutritional supplementation, Food supplementation, Medicine(for what now) Cold and flus are common but what about fevers they will be more susceptible especially due to stress and bacteria especially if you have to bug out for a while in a wooded area due to traffic or other reasons.
3.Natural Repellents those hot and humid days bugs and insects thrive on humidity.
4.Self Defense, you are alone and you do not want to use your gun because of the noise but you want to protect yourself Remember that Pepper spray recipe on this blog This stuff will knock them for a serious loop instantly and quietly.
5.Decide what type of case you will use
Below are some examples of my Kits.
6. Print out a Mini Manual for your Kit and customized it with notes and descriptions of herbs essential oils  as well as formulas instructions and recipes You may want to include juicing recipes for an addition. Be thorough; This kit will be used for survival purposes. always remember post your ideas and suggestions as well as those you tried in your own kit so others can learn from your ideas “CROSS NETWORK YOUR SKILLS AND CREATIVITY”

SURVIVAL SHERPAS BLOG FAMILY Remember “Cross Networking”

God Bless,

CD case for my essential oil Kit

Another Shot Of my CD essential oil Kit

This Kit is my main HSFA Kit With a basic wilderness survival kit and this I am good to go EVERYTHING is covered including SELF PROTECTION!!!

Some simple pallet inserts I made with elastic, Cardboard, and Hot Glue. for the CD Case Above.


UPDATE #2:  What herbs could I use for my kit?