The Power of Cayenne for the Prepper

The Power of Cayenne Pepper for the Prepper

Cayenne has some portent properties it all assist in defeating Colds and Flu’s and has antispasmodic well as dip heretic properties (induces Sweating) . This is vital to eliminate a cold or flu derived from either Bacteria or Virus. Cayenne also increases Blood Circulation and has the ability to clear Blocked arteries built up with Plaque or calcium deposits.
Cayennes therapeutic properties, as  it possess that  of capsaicin. this active ingredient acts as a counterirritant, and also blocks a body chemical integral to the transmission of pain impulses. thus elevating pain from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis,psoriasis,cluster headaches, diabetic neuropathy, shingles and much more
Internally Cayenne reduces both cholesterol and triglycerides and helps keep the blood flowing.
Also Antioxidant nutrients found in peppers enhance their cariovascular protection as well as protect the lungs.
Cayenne will also fight bacteria sand muscle spasms.(due to its antispasmodic properties)
Dosing: adults a 450 mg capsule 3 times daily or 1/4 dropper of Cayenne tincture in a warm glass of filtered water. Start off VERY slow and let your body acclimate to the Capsaicin levels and readjust systematically for optimal health overall.
Cayenne and Black pepper for self defense
Cayenne mixed with Black  can also be used as self defense.: a tincture off cayenne and black pepper  mixed with grape seed oil and put in a sprayer will give a Wallup to an intruder with the effects of a near military grade tear gas.

It is the same as making an cayenne/ Black Pepper  Lineament  adding a mineral oil that has a very high and fast absorption rate then placing it in an atomizer this will give a fog effect because of the micro particalation. and like other recipes that claim to be tear gas or even pepper spray, this needs to sit for a minimum of 2 weeks (the longer it sits the more potent it becomes. If you want to make the recipe I have had the recipe copyrighted because there is someone claiming this recipe is theirs and with no proof Google Took down the article If this happens again I will go to Word Press  and a full blown site within 8 hrs with a new address.  I have done countless hrs. on research from authentic natural medical books by  Dr. Christopher, Dr. Shook, Dr James A Duke,Jethro Kloss Sr. and Renne Casey,RN. as well as being taught by my ancestors with facts. My grandmother was a RN. who cared for the people in my community during the great depression Giving injections medical care (naturally as taught to her by her father). and feeding those who she could ,thus being non selective. She truly cared for others as her father taught her growing up in poverty she never quit but persevered teaching all that would learn. I to had the privilege of learning from my great Grandfather the values of Fidelity and family although I do not have a family of my own I do what I do and treat EVERYONE as family. And I will persevere like my grandmother and great grandfather not by just words but by actions and truth with facts. Because I to Care and will always care…   If you desire this recipe contact me via the contact tab.