The power of Clove Essential oil

The Power of Clove Essential Oil

Due to its high O.R.A.C levels,  antimicrobial,anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, anti parasitic, anesthetic properties. This powerful essential oil packs a powerful punch so powerful it was used in the formulation of the true and traditional Thieves oil use during the black plague in France during the 15th century. Today it has many other uses as well such as:

Oral Care: due to its anesthetic properties acts as a  natural local anesthetic.
Anti-Parasitic: Will not only purge parasites from the intestines but kill any larva as well this is due to the high levels of Antioxidants scaled at (10 million O.R.A.C.)
Respiratory infections: this is due to its powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.
Diabetes: Its powerful and high antioxidants scaled at (10 million) and anesthetic, and anti-inflammatory properties are used in the formulations to aid peripheral neuropathy.
Rummatory Arthritis/ Muscle cramping: the high levels of antioxidants and the anesthetic, and anti-inflammatory  properties are used to help arthritic pain with its also antispasmodic properties.
Menstral Pain: The natural anesthetic properties help reduce the level of pain due to menstral cramps.
Skin Cancer: Its High levels of antioxidant scaled at (10 million O.R.A.C.)
The Antimicrobial properties of this oil in conjunction with high levels of antioxidant aid in helping reducing the growth of cancer cells.
Depression: Clove oil used with other essential oils creates an uplifting feeling

Other Hygienic and household cleaning properties:

Such As:

  • Dust Mite Repellant
  • Will also help keep red fire ants away
  • When used with thyme and oregano and or cinnamon oil makes a powerful disinfecting spray air freshener/countertop cleaner

Note:When used with pure lemon or grapefruit will make a powerful air freshener to elevate mood changes and when added to 1 cup of baking soda makes a powerful rug and apohlstry freshener while expelling any dust mites.