The Power of Essential Oils for Prepper Series ”Neuropathy”

The Power of Essential Oils  for Prepper Series   ”Neuropathy”

Neuropathy is a pain  commonly related to diabetes but also neuropathy is damage to peripheral nerves (other than spinal or those in the brain. But also with poor blood circulation particularly to nerve endings.  A lack of circulation to the nerve also means poor oxygenation of the nerves. Proper oxogen and blood levels help maintain healthy nerves overall. Nerves that are poor in health or are stressed by effects of other main systems cause an irregularity in nerve sensation(s) and nerves become overstimulated , causing a pain, burning, arthritic like pain or even swelling effect in more severe cases and also can be localized to case an even more pain like effect. this is particularly during to poor blood circulation.
This all can be caused from a B12 deficiency, tumors, to many pain killers(overload, exposure and absorption of metals or pesticides.

The first step in Neurophaty recovery is to induce a localized stimulation of blood circulation to the specific area mainly topically through a stimulating process. This will help reduce and or completely eliminate any localized inflammation(s) particularly that of which is decrease or cutting off any blood circulate(s)

A few good natural examples to help stimulate the blood would be:

  • Peppermint essential Oil: Analgesic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory,known to be helpful in numbness and “ pins and needle “ effects. this oil helps nourish the nerves and nerve endings
  • Lavender Essential Oil: (NERVINE) antidepressant,adaptogenic,sedative , anti-inflammatory.
  • Cypress Essential Oil: antispasmodic, vasoconstrictor, sedative
  • Clove Bud Essential Oil: anestetic
  • Cayenne Simulates blood circulation and clears potentially clogged or partially clogged veins, antispasmodic,rub or salve (non petroleum based type e.g. beeswax salve)
  • Lemongrass: anageslic,antidepressant, sedative anti-inflammatory, 


Taking a Bath with 4 drops of peppermint, 3 drops of cypress, and lavender mixed with 1 oz. of jojoba oil. all mixed together firstly, then added to a tub of warm water

OIL RUB: Pepermint , Clove, lemongrass Rub take 4 ounces of jojoba oil add 1 drop of each oil and shake well rub on effected area keeping hands away from eyes at all times.