The power of Essential Oils for Preppers Series “defeating Lice”

The power of Essential Oils for Preppers Series 
“Treating Lice”

Head ad body lice is a sign of lack of personal hygiene these bugs are of the parasitic family and do cause internal infections that can lead to high fever and comma. 

A few good essential oils for this issue are:

  • Tea Tree Essential oil a natural antiseptic and repellent 
  • Clove Essential oil powerful parasitic cleanser and will kill ANY larva
  • Peppermint Essential Oil a natural and VERY strong repellent able to penetrate deep throughout the hair
  • Lavender Essential Oil. a natural and powerful repellent and deterrent 
  • Lemon a natural and powerful repellent

Therapeutic Grade Essential oil Dilution Ratio: 2 -5 percent


Diluted and applied by a comb or hairbrush throughout the hair and scalp.

Herbal Hair washes:

Instructions make a herbal tea by bringing 12 ounces of clean water to a hard boil, Add 2 tablespoons of herbs from below list bring to a low simmer for 30 minutes for a minimum let cool and rinse hair well 3 times daily. for more severe case add 1/2 teaspoon of Clove to the tea. This will kill any larva as well.
Thyme Tea Wash:
Lavender Tea Wash
Tea Tree Wash
Pure Lemon Juice/concentrate wash  natural repellent  add 1/8 cup to existing tea after cool.

Hyssop Tea for Body lice