The power of herbs for preppers series “TYPHOID FEVER”


The Power of herbs for Preppers “Typhoid Fever”

Typhoid fever or entertic  fever needs to be addressed as soon as possible.
This will help stop and or even slow the absorption of bacteria and or virus’ by the blood once this if this is not prevented the Centeral nervous sytms followed by the other main systems will follow thus causing death.  however, if caught in time and detoxed from the Blood and intestinal walls Kidneys’ Gaul Bladder and the Liver , Yes The liver can be effected and  create another path to contaminate the Centeral Nervous system.

Common Symptoms And Causes of This Disease

A bacillus, Salmonella typhi, causes the disease, according to medical experts. The fever comes on gradually, which allows the victim to move about normally for some days after the onset.

The most noticeable symptoms are headache, weariness and discomfort, and could be accompanied by insomnia and feverishness, especially at night. Initially, the patient will develop a high temperature, sore throat and fever, and would either be constipated or suffer from diarrhea. In adults suffering from typhoid, it is usually constipation while a childhood bout of typhoid usually causes diarrhea.

In the second week of the fever, a rash develops and in the third week, the patient becomes stoic and exhausted, and could at times be delirious. This is the critical point of recovery, because if it is not treated promptly during this period, other life-threatening complications may develop as the immune system would be totally ruined. But if treatment is promptly given and successful at this point, the person will begin to recover and in all likelihood survive and will not get too many side effects or permanent damage to the system.

The bacterias causing the internal infections/Viruses’ Need to be Safely and slowly purged. Not with Emmitics( herbs that induce vomiting) but with Nutritional effect on the immune system particularly with B vitamins. (these particularly effect the Centeral Nervous System), Dierritcs(herbs that increase urine flow) Diapheritics(herbs that open pores and induce sweating) , Anti-Bacterial and Antiviral, And Nutritional Supplementation. IMPORTANT. Personal HYGENE IS VITAL DURING THIS ENTIRE PROCESS!!! read our post the vitality on personal hygiene during an economic collapse.

Herbs that can be used to treat Typhoid fever:

  • Cayenne
  • Garlic
  • Yarrow Root
  • Marshmallow Root
  • Ginger
  • Slippery Elm Bark
  • Spirulina
  • Chlorella
  • Dandelion Root
  • Burdock Root
  • Raw Domestic Bee Pollen ( CC POLLEN Company)


Detox Tonic: 
( Also read our Post on Lemons and limes for detox)

Pure Organic Lemon/Lime Juice Tonic can be used this will not only detox the lower abdominal organs, it will also provide natural energy due the the added enzymes in the fresh organic limes, also due to the vitamin C content of both the lemons and Limes will aid in enhancing and strengthening the Immune system.

The Dandelion and Burdock root will purify the blood of any toxins or neurotoxins.
Cyanne, Ginger , and Garlic are “POWERFUL” anti-viral and anti-bacterial herbs

Oil of Oregano and Thyme are to Powerful anti-viral and antibacterial herbs.
Oil of clove is so powerful it has anesthetic proper tic and may cause a numbing effect on the body when used improperly. ( this is for more severe cases)

Pure uncut essential oils must be diluted 1 drop of essential oil to one ounce of carrier oil e.g. olive,grape seed, almond, advocate,sunflower oils then perfused a min of 25 times before each use. REMBER THIS STUFF IS POTENT A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY

Anti Viral Tonic Recipe:
1 teaspoon of fresh Garlic Juice,Lemon Juice and Raw Wildflower honey and pinch of cinnamon,

Using Teas and or Tinctures:

Cayenne 2 drops of alcohol based tincture
1 tablespoon of AppleCider/Garlic Tincture
( Read our post and watch video on Apple Cider Garlic tincture)

Add this to a 6 ounce glass of warm “DISTILLED”water 3 times daily

Add 1 eyedropper of each dandelion root and burdock root in another glass of 10 ounces of warm distilled water 2 times a day. This will also increase urine flow.

1/2 teaspoon of raw domestic bee pollen will supply the main system with a full spectrum of pure “B” complex vitamins to maintain a health Centeral Nervous System as well as Maintain a healthy immune system

Other herbs that can be used 

  • White Willow Bark; for pain and soreness’
  • Yarrow Root; Another diaphoretic to decrease fever. symptoms
  • Marshmallow Root; can be used to help sore throat symptoms