Tonics what are they?

A tonic is a herbal solution that is used to give strength to a system but also can give strength to the overall systems this is known as a general tonic, thus supporting more than one system providing necessary nutrient(s) so that a healthy system(s) are maintained. A tonic is the vitality of natural herbal medicine by invigorating and toning up the the body or human anatomy  and are good for both adults and children. They also aid in reming toxins from the body., thus eliviating less stressful functionality of the system(s)
e.g. a tonic used to help bowels move constantly also known as a bowel rub. now that bowels are consistently and efficiently being moved there is less opportunity for toxins from backed up stools to contaminate the Circulatory system through normal blood flow.
Secondly, A tonic is an agent that strengthens a system of the body,
e.g. respiratory, circulatory, centeral nervous system and are different then
all prescription drugs. Tonics are a great form of creating a vitality to ones
system. It tones up the system through a herbal formulae buy cleansing or
invigorating a particular system or systems.
Tonics may be taken with great benefit by anyone who is not
overflowing with health or vitality. 
It is  always good, of
course to take convalescing from any disease or aliment.
A few tonic herbs and uses:
Central Nervous System:
Goldenseal– is a
pure tonic to the nervous system and powerful cleanser to all the mucous
membrane, Skullcap– is one of the
finest tonics if used alone it gives excellent result with the nerves., Mistletoe, Valerian – Also very powerful on the nerves if taken cold several
times a day, White willow  has an aspirin effect and  is very effective  tonic for pain and inflammation.
Resperatory System:
Lungs: Cayene, Anise, Comfrey, Ground Ivy, Horehound, Chamomile,  can be combined and infused in a hot or
cold then stored for a few days .as a tonic.  Be very careful with Ground
this herb has been known to kill horses who grazed on it daily in the
fields. do not take for more than 2 days repeatedly Also ground anise seed
taken hot or cold will cleanse the mucous from the lungs, to much will cause
problems and could damage your lungs. Always use herbs carefully, intelligently
and moderately. Ones system has to adjust to the change and adapt to the
medicinal properties of each herb taken.
Overall Health:
Now if you are looking for and overall herbal tonic that
will benefit all systems; look no farther. Apple
Cider Vinegar and honey tonic
will work amazingly for anyone and all
systems. I know a person with Systemic Lupus that has been in remission for
over 5 years because of this tonic. Another person uses it for his asthma. And
another person has used it a no longer has Asthmatic Hay fever attacks! But
Check out The Apple Cider Vinegar Chapter for more & detailed information
on how this incredible tonic works with the body and heals MANY aliments.