Top Anti Viral Herbs Part 2

Top Anti viral Herbs Part #2

A few Powerful  Primary Anti Viral herbs 

  • Oregano
  • Clove
  • Astagulus
  • Garlic
  • Elderberry
  • Mullein 

Secondary Antiviral herbs
These powerful herbs which particularly bind to the antiviral enzymes through specific properties such as  anti oxidants and much more. Providing a new property known as “MODIFIERS”  which aid in the defeat of antiviral resistances’. Secondly, they will provide through completely natural solutions for different level of viral infections and or to different parts of the human anatomy (this effect is then applied to the genetic makeup while in parallel modifying the molecular composition of the viral infection, thus breaking it down(Modifying) to a non resistant level. To get a better understand read our post on “ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANT MODIFIERS” Thirdly, “Secondary” is not limited to one additional herb but many.

Oregon Grape: (can be used in a antiviral formulation to assist antiviral properties while maintaining a healthy immune system)
Green Tea: provides a powerful amount of antioxidant properties, thus inhibiting oxidation of infected cells that can potentially inhibit the aid of repair needed.
Lavender: its powerful antimicrobial properties assist directly the antiviral properties in parallel thus creating a molecular environment that is repairable.
Slippery Elm Bark: this potent herb provides extremely high levels of nutrition but not to the virus to all effected areas then while assisting the primary herbs antiviral properties to create a repair.
Dandelion: Another powerhouse of a herb that not only provides secondary supplementation(s) of nutritional vitamins and mineral it also has diuretic properties which aid in detox of toxins and neurotoxins derived from the viral infection(s)
Bee Pollen: loaded with pure form of complex vitamins and also classified as a superfood will supplement the immune system and central nervous system in tandem with the primary herb antiviral properties.
Grapefruit seed extract: another powerhouse of a herb with antioxidant, anti viral properties and also maintains a healthy immune system.
Pine Needles: This herb has powerful antiseptic properties which viral infections cannot survive

A few Powerful Essential oils

Thieves oil: This oils is composed of many powerful essential oil to provide a natural and sanitary environment were no virus can survive.
Grapefruit: This essential oil is loaded with antioxidant and vitamin C which inhibits oxidation and make the virus accessible for repair. and  will help maintain a health immune system.
Cinnamon: This essential oil provides  powerful antiseptic properties which bind to the primary herbs antiviral properties which creates a sanitary molecular environment so that the virus is reparable and not able to mutate and or propagate.
Rosemary: this powerful oil stimulates the immune system and other main system to be receptive of other powerful antiviral enzymes ( do not use this oil if you have had any cases of epilepsy, convulsions, and or stroke.)
Clove: Loaded with powerful antibacterial and antiviral enzymes to produce a powerful anesthetic property to help with pain relief.
Tea tree: Has Potent anti viral and anti bacterial properties. and diluted, is amazing for burns (all types).

Lavender:  The high levels of concentrates of enzymes that produce powerful antimicrobial properties assist directly the antiviral properties in parallel thus creating a molecular environment that is repairable.