Top “Natural” Remedies and references for Preppers

Top “Natural” Remedies and references  
for Preppers

When prepping a prepper should alway try their best to for se the unforeseen.

A few things a prepper should consider when bugging out or in. is am I realistically prepared to handle a situation if it happens? But further more over prepping is not uncommon or a crime I personally believe it is a good thing. There is a saying that goes like this” It is better to be prepared for a situation and not have one; than to not be prepared and have one”

So as your friend and the “Herbal Survivalist I put a list of realistic but natural Preps together. with some realistic possibilities and scenarios.

Your buging out (alone ore with your family) you are driving and all of a sudden you hit traffic, traffic from a control point during martial law or not  just congestion from everyone trying to get out of the area now you are at a standstill for days are you prepared to bug out into a wooded region for a few days in any climate or weather condition? staying in a car can have psychological effects on someone . but you are bugged out and finally get settled. However, during some time members in your group are experiencing pains maybe tooth ache , headaches, anxiety, panic attacks general nervousness or even a sprained ankle from collecting wood for a fire for your camp or helping someone else.  or even a laceration and how about keeping those bugs away so you can bug out and sleep at night or day particularly during the summer.

Do you know how to make a debre hut to keep warm during the cold months of the year as well as the time needed to make a good one that will also protect you from the elements? or shelter primitively?  What about supplying the nutrition to your body to fulfill all these tasks and more

Some of the best herbs to have on hand are the following
Here is a very short list

  • Willow Bark  for pain management( has powerful aspirin like effects)
  • Cayenne Pepper for wound management 
  • management.
  • Lemon Balm: to help with stress, anxiety and many other central nervous system related issues.
  • Dandelion: to be used as a blood purifier when a detox of toxins and neurotics are present within the stem from synthetic foods. also for vitamin supplementation’s( particularly vitamins A,K, magnesium, and manganese with trace minerals of calcium.
  • Green tea for its antioxidants
  • Oregano and or Oregano essential oil( diluted to 2 percent) a Powerhouse of an antibiotic
  • Echinacea Great for imune system support and for an antibacterial wash

Nutritional Aids:

  • Slippery elm bark: For nutritional supplementation(s)
  • Bee Pollen For Central nervous system support as well as immune system  sand adrenal gland  support also considered a “SUPERFOOD”
  • Spirulina: Classified a superfood, is loaded with antioxidants particularly helps reduce stress related and or that contributes to muscle fatigue. Also contains phenolic,phycocyanins, tocopherols and beta carotene. also because of its antioxidant properties it is also good for anxiety, memory, ADHD, and PMS.
  • Chlorella: Goes beyond just a powerhouse of a detoxifier, It all is great for immune system support, balancing your PH,cleansing kidneys, liver, and gaul bladder and optimizes your blood pressure and eliminating mold from your body, blood purification and aid in the processing of more oxogen.

Essential Oils:

  • Clove essential oil a natural anesthetic/ antiviral herb also great for oral pain Oregano essential oil( diluted to 2 percent) a Powerhouse of an antibioticPeppermint essential oil: good for digestion problems and for aiding severe pain management due to its antispasmodic properties and to will repeal bugs and spiders.
  • Lavender essential oil: an antimicrobial, antibacterial herb that will repeal insects
  • Lemon Essential oil: To purify your water supply. add 1-3 drops  per 8 ounces of water mix thoroughly until completely blended.
  • Add 2-5 drops of diluted lemon essential oil  to 6 ounces of warm water to create a natural wound flush/ disinfectant.

Books/ Refferences’
“Important” Also having a field guide to medicinal plants is a must as well as jethro Kloss’ book “ BACK TO EDEN” which is 500 pages but small and light enough to fit in your backpack/ fanny pack with the field guide. another great book to have is Wild Edibles field guide for your region. You may want to have an essential oil reference on hand as well. a good pocket guide is “Modern Essentials”

Herbal Washes

Herbal Wash Recipe:
A herbal was can be used as a disinfectant by using herbs with antiseptic, antibacterial, and or antiviral  properties such as: 
Cinnamon( not for sensitive skins or facial area and mist stay out of sun for 24-48 hrs) 
Licorice Root
Ginger Root/powder
slippery elm
Oregon grape
pine needles

Making a Herbal Wash/Rinse/Flush:
Take 2 cups of water bring to a hard boil 
Add herbs lower heat to a very low simmer and 2 tablespoons of dried herb or 4 tablespoons of fresh herbs.
Let reduce to 1/2 this should produce about around 6-8 ounces of wash. Let cool and gently wash effected area or cuts or bruises  and let air dry. 
Apply 3 time daily to effects areas make new batch every 2 days.