Vital Elements Needed for Proper Prepping both conventionally and naturally

Food, Water, Medicine, “Personal Hygiene Products”
Look at this list backwards; 
In Brief:
Lack of personal hygiene = “Bacteria(s) 2. Bacteria(s) = illness’ which need medicine to heal or repair or eliminate. 3. Illness’ need medicine but also nutritional supplementation(s).  In order to provide true nutrition to ALL our main systems we need Good Food and a Pure Water Source to maintain overall hydration health for this to gets applied to all our main systemsRemoving one element from the necessary elements to survive will effect all the main systems of the human body; Respiratory, Circulatory, Central Nervous System as del as the skeletal and muscular systems. 
If there is a lack of:
Personal Hygiene products 
what will happen? 
Bacteria(s) become present
Your immune system gets effected, by the added stress from the bacteria(s)
illness sets in.
Medicine(s)?  will be needed to counter and defeat the ill effects of the bacteria(s)
furthermore with the high expenses of western medicine  what would happen if doctors could no longer afford to practice not only because of financial reasons but government regulations. what will you also do for dental care and maint. or …
How about pain management,and diseases and virus’  and other aliments?
There are natural medicines and are abundant to wildcraft to list a few.
Ginger. to help with inflammation and nausea and has anti viral properties
Dandelion a natural detox / blood purifier
Lawn daisies good for cold flus’ bronchitis
Pine needles  powerful antiseptic
Cinnamon another powerful antiseptic
Burdock a powerhouse of a detox/ blood purifier 
Ginseng all natural form of energy
Willow bark a natural form of pain management with an aspirin like effect
Slippery elm bark for nutritional support, colds, flus’ and to make poultices for bone breaks or sprains.
Wild cherry bark. a natural solution for acid reflux and for caught
Napal great solution for diabetes
Cattail root the natural starch in the white part of the root is a natural form of energy/food
Skullcap a nervine to help calm the central nervous system, a natural solution for anxiety.
Juniper. a powerful antiseptic for urinary tract infections
Elder berries a powerhouse for severe colds flus’ bronchitis and pneumonia and as well as an everyday health tonic to maintain your immune system particularly when taken with rose hips. a powerhouse form of vitamin C.
Wild strawberry leaves Good to regulate irregular sugar levels with diabetics.
Mullein a powerful antiviral will kill any virus on contact.
Chicory a powerful detox for the respiratory system
Spearmint after only 3 day of oral care use will prohibit any plaque growth.
Lavender used for skincare and light topical pain management a nervine that calms the central nervous system
Goldenseal a powerful and pure antiseptic.can be used as an eyewash to help pink eye.
Others that can be bought at local supermarket as spices (ORGANIC)
Black strap molasses Good to help heal cracked, broken or bruised ribs.
Turmeric a natural and powerful anti-inflammatory and good liver cleanser good for diabetics.
Ginger powder another powerful anti inflammatory and with anti viral properties.
Flax seeds a good source of Fiber and omega3 fatty acids for nutritional and heart support and has more Ligans than most other plants
Thyme a powerful antibiotic with antiviral and anti bacterial properties.
Cilantro this is goos to swat raw for it provides chlorophyl which delivers oxogen to the blood for further delivery to all your main systems and your brain.
Oregano a powerful antibiotic with antiviral and antibacterial properties
Clove bud an all natural anesthetic with antiviral and antibacterial properties
Cinnamon a powerful antiseptic that will also help with better blood circulation particularly to nerve endings this is due to its antiseptic properties and used topically with a well diluted essential oil.
Garlic a powerful  anti biotic with anti viral properties
Water:  Proper hydration is vitally important so that proper absorption levels of vitamins and minerals are maintained. Also water assists in the delivery of oxogen to your main systems at a molecular level through the blood stream and digestive strict. particularly targeting the Central Nervous System. this will directly aid in the maintenance of healthy neurotransmitters for healthy brain activity and all main system optimal functionality.

There is a natural Solution also to purify water using an essential Oil “NIAOLI”
Secondly,On a water system I highly recommend and have myself is the Mini Works MSR micro filter . This is issued to the US marines. Also note others due to wear from the dirty water supplies need to be replaced yes, (the Whole Filtering System) this unit has a maintenance kit that is very inexpensive and is comparable and if not bet than the other models out there I also cary a spare filter with my system.
Food preparations  are great but what happened when they run out there are many types of Solutions for this: and to list a few…
1. Long Term Food Storage Preps  Freeze dried this process retains more nutritional
Canning For moderate Term Self Life( Read our Post on natural Solutions for Botulism)
Gardening: Use open pollinator Non GMA seeds for best crop yield. also get involved with seed banks.
Hunting and trapping; for a fresh meat source.
Natural Solutions:
Wild Berries
Slippery Elm Bark will provide all nutritional support one would need, but even with this there will be a need to fill your stomach with roughage so that you feel a full effect.
Bee pollen this is classified as a supper food and is loaded with mineral and vitamins particularly b complex.
Spiruilina This to another superfood provide vital nutrition to your main systems as well as promoting healthy oxygen levels in the blood.
Chlorella Yet another supper food that will help provide nutrient to all your main systems for survival.
Wild Catails the cattail itself can be roasted and the root can be eaten as a starch for food supplementation as well as a natural source of energy.
Burdock eat the leave stems for a good source of vitamin b6
In Conclusion , People  must work together and not try to delegate all survival tasks and resources to themselves but with realistic and reliable individuals also remember we should also take glare of the disabled and the elderly regardlessly. and above all we MUST put GOD FIRST and include him in all we do plan and learn. Go to the post Hope Herbs and the graces off God and after you read it watch the short training video at the end and you will be amazed what you just learned and pass it around.

There are also Video sections for beginners on my site for building a bug out, good, and inch bag(s)