Willow Bark a Preppers herb for pain management

"Willow Bark"

"Willow Bark is a powerful pain killer herb which targets the nerves"





The Power of Willow Bark


Pain management for the prepper!!!



         Willow Bark is a powerful pain killer herb which targets the nerves. It also has aspirin like effects and is like a blood thinner and should not be taken before a blood test. Willow has been used for over 2000 years for the relief of headaches. today it is used as a general pain killer particularly for rheumatoid arthritis. The active ingredient of this herb is salicin. This inner bark produces many beneficial pain relief and healing properties. It can be used against Fevers, Colds Flus, toothaches warts poison ivy, bursitis sores and even cancer to list a few.
          Willow is like aspirin but does not have the gastrointestinal aggravational tendencies as aspirin which may also cause bleeding from the stomach willow is safe against this tendency. to also insure this one may also take licorice tincture but it is also known that licorice lowers blood pressure so one may be better off using a bit of garlic.


        Willow bark is converted into a salicylic acid which is the chemical counterpart to counteract pain “Particularly Nerve Pain” but not at all limited to.

Dosing: take 1 eyedropper full of white willow tincture in a 6 ounce glass of warm filtered or distilled water up to 2 times daily for adults. or take willow tea 2 twice a day(se recipe below)



1. Salicylates can leech its way into breast milk so it is not recommended for those who are or may become pregnant and or are breast feeding.


2. Excessive dosing of of this any aspirin like medicine in children  for colds  chickenpox or other viral infections  may run the risk of liver damage and should not be abused in both children and or adults.


3. Excessive use of this herb in adults can cause an overload of salicin and may cause nausea and or ringing in the ears and or diarrhea. a skin reaction. 


4. Willow may also  interact with barbiturates and anticoagulants.

Willow Tea Recipe:


10 ounces of filtered water

1 tablespoon of Willow Bark

small pot to low simmer water "DO NOT USE AN ALUMINUM POT OR UTENSILS FOR ANY HERBAL MEDICINAL  purposes.


Bring water to a boil lower heat to a low simmer, Add Tea ball with herb in it let simmer low for about 10  minutes.

Press soaked willow bak between two tablespoons(this is where the good stuff is).

Drink 2 time daily for pain Remember willow is excellent for targeting nerve pain